Feel the Impact of the Right Match


If you are currently in a leadership role or positioned to shift upward in your career trajectory, we invite you to explore potential growth opportunities that will meet your long-term career objectives.

Expand your Potential We view every candidate as a unique prospect, so we customize our approach individually for you and each corresponding opportunity. We conduct in-depth interviews to understand your past experiences, strengths and successes. Recognizing the potential impact you can have on an organization and considering the characteristics of the company culture allows us to find the precise position and the right fit for you – leading to a lasting match.

Experience Our Method

  1. We want to know where you want to take your career. Our initial interview is consultative – we are invested in understanding the depth of your experience, your chosen or preferred industry, driving motivators, strengths and challenges. We consider specialized areas of expertise, relevant industry experience, education, and accomplishments.
  2. After the preliminary assessment, we review the landscape of our client partners seeking Executive talent as we consider their objectives, position requirements and expectations, such as title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel.
  3. Next, we determine the cultural fit most conducive to growing your potential. We relate the client’s culture to your experience and success in similar environments and the possibility for a lasting opportunity for you and the organization.
  4. Using the highest discretion and confidentiality, we work with you to narrow your options, measuring the “DNA Fit” between you and a client’s team, considering the traits required in the job description.
  5. We consider the short and long-term goals you have set forth. We serve as your thinking partner to determine how “adaptable” your capabilities and experiences are to the client’s expectations.
  6. The partnership doesn’t end with the final match. We make it a priority to stay in touch with you after the placement to ensure future success and the growth of your career.

Leverage a Global Network

Global reach is no longer an option, but a necessity. Our partner companies trust us to search for and deliver top-tier candidates who have a deep understanding of specific methodologies in a wide-range of industries – inside and outside the U.S

Our capabilities cross multiple functional areas and span the globe. We are an internationally networked Executive Search and Human Capital Solutions firm, gives us the capacity to identify and access positions in any sector around the world. This gives you an edge as you consider your next career move.

Our reach spans 18 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America.

To learn more about leadership growth opportunities inside or outside of the U.S., send your CV and career bio to info@pinnaclesearch.com.

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