Experience Seamless Recruiting


Recruiting the right Executive hinges on building and leveraging solid relationships – on both sides of the equation. Pinnacle Search Partners is rooted in the ties we build. We invest in building strong partnerships with two primary sources; market leaders driven by performance and top talent highly motivated to perform.

Quality Standards – You’re only as good as your top talent

Our diverse team of recruitment experts grasps your needs quickly and accurately with an eye toward the current landscape for your industry and the future vision for your company. With a reputation for being smart, seasoned and results-driven, we are positioned to take your organization to the next level by attracting top performing talent.

High Touch Service – We are an extension of your team

Finding the right Executive for a key position is a demanding process. Our seasoned team of recruitment specialists delivers personalized customer care based on trust, collaboration and communication. Aligning ourselves to serve your interests as an extension of your team, we project your image in the marketplace with credibility and integrity to present a united front. This proven approach allows us to identify appropriate opportunities for a match that works for everyone involved.

Easy to Work With – Seamless Recruiting

Our client relationships are long-standing. We have built a reputation for being approachable and easy to work with, taking a consultative approach to partnerships. Along with being collaborative, we are swift responsive. Business moves at warp speed and your talent needs can change overnight, so we are wired to adapt at moment’s notice. Our nimble approach enables us to address your search requirements as they evolve, so you will enjoy a seamless recruitment experience.

Our Method

Week 1: Assess and Understand
The initial phase of client engagement launches a collaborative effort that carries through every phase of the recruitment process. This step involves an immersive approach to understanding your organizational goals. We conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to gauge your organization’s current and projected position in the marketplace, leadership structure, strategy, operations and corporate culture. We are quick to grasp client needs, but never rush this stage so critical to building a precise search profile.

Weeks 2-3: Research and Identify
Our recruitment specialists have expertise across diverse industries and they are experienced working with clients that require a specific methodology. Through targeted research and an extended reach, we are able to identify hard-to-find talent across organizations and around the globe. We’ll cultivate a candidate pipeline specific to your organizational objectives. This customized approach delivers top-performers with the capacity to drive precise results.

Weeks 4-5: Target and Engage
As an extension of your team, we project your image in the marketplace and in the conference room. Vested in the long-term success of your organization, we represent your interests by conducting initial interviews with potential candidates. This is where we excel – communicating in an approachable way – to spark the kind of dialogue central to determining a valuable match between client and candidate.

Week 6: Select and Present
Initial interviews are followed by internal meetings to narrow the field and address any adjustments to the search requirements. Our team is extremely nimble, working in real-time to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. We take a measured approach, calibrating the list of candidates before presenting a selection of proven performers in the competencies you are seeking.

Week 7: Off-site Meetings
A series of phone interviews are scheduled with the initial pool of proposed candidates before arranging in-person interviews. Our team will continue to be involved in a consultative way, so you have a supportive partner to review and consider your options.

Weeks 8-9: In-person Meetings
When we arrange for candidates to meet with you and your team for the in-person interview, we will work with you to determine best location, time and context. We can be as involved as you need us to be, respecting every organization’s preference for managing crucial conversations.

Week 10: Narrow and Select
During the next round of interviews we will be available to guide you through the narrowing process in a consultative way – considering current and future needs, and the overall cultural fit. Understanding the impact the right Executive can make on an organization, we identify and present the factors that lead to effective decision-making.

Week 11: Collaborate and Match
Rest assured that at every stage of this process you will have a point of contact at Pinnacle who is as invested in the outcome of the final selection as you are. We are here for you to consult, provide feedback, and discuss additional considerations that may affect your final choice. We remain focused on your long-term goals and will support the realization of your vision until the final selection is made and an appropriate offer is extended.

Following this proven method, most searches are successfully completed within three months.

Learn more about how we can recruit the right Executive for your organizational goals, contact us at 770-693-5940 or info@pinnaclesearch.com.

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